Sunday, 30 March 2014

A mish mash from my long weekend home...

I finally got a chance to go home.
Thats all I seem to be saying these days, but I am slowly but surely getting more organised. 

When I come home I don't tend to stay for long so I have to take a little capsule wardrobe with me, I normally take my favourite pieces at the time and add in things I've left at home or nick things from my mum and sister. 

I feel refreshed after coming home.
And this time I have been for a massage, a hair cut, a shopping day in Narberth and sleeping with a tone of sudocrem on my face.  
This outfit (above):
Top - Zara £20
Trousers - H&M £14
Headband - Giddy aunt vintage shop, Narberth £4

Raiding mums vintage stuff is always fun. 

This is a vintage one of mums, she's had this since she was my age or older and used to wear it out. I like it because its black lace and effortlessly pretty. 

The picture of me and my sister below is from a family party last night. Im wearing trousers I so desperately want to nick from my mum as they are AMAZING! Love this photo, and love the patterns. <3

Lastly from me, Happy Mothers Day 


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend treats

Today has been a good day to say the least. I have been super busy this week and ever since I last posted on the blog, its been hectic :D I now have a job in the lovely White Stuff in Cardiff, which has been lots of fun, so today I saw my cousin and auntie for a catch up and a hot chocolate and I went into White Stuff to pick my new uniform.

Also this afternoon I went shopping and bought a few treats to celebrate a successful and pretty stressful week but also to celebrate my lovely friend Catrin getting her job back in Lush Cosmetics, she's fab at it! :D its also St.Davids day and we celebrated with Cawl (Welsh Soup) and Daffodils <3 

So I was a bit cheeky today and had a bit of a spend, me and Catrin went into Gilly Hicks as its closing down in April :( this makes me sad as the underwear in there is fabulous. So we had a rummage and I found some cute pants in some lovely pastel colours. They are now only £1.99 each and they are normally £9 or £10 each, an amazing bargain. Thank you very much :D 

I also bought some Liz Earle. My mum first introduced me to this about 4 or 5 years ago and I just used it when she bought it not really thinking about it but now I've tried other products I keep going back to this as its just so amazing for my skin. Its light and actually feels like its doing good, I use the cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser to remove my make-up and the skin tonic to brighten and take away any excess oil or dirt. Im not one for spending loads on beauty products but I don't mind splashing out on this stuff. 

Cleanse and Polish - £13.25
Skin Tonic -£13.25

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi hapus

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hey guys, just a quick one from me as my uni work is currently piling up by the minute, at the moment I'm trying to give my wardrobe a bit of a refresh so going through all my clothes I don't wear that much anymore or that just don't suit me!

Here is the link to my site, see if theres anything you fancy. 
I am always putting new things up, also message me if interested in anything in particular, I'm happy to help :)

Theres some bargains to be had, "One mans trash is another mans treasure" :D hehe happy hunting.